HAPPINESS: What’s Your Symbol?

screen capture of tumblr blog with bright yellow background also image of a man holding on to a piece of yellow paper

Spreading the Happy around.

If you missed Stefan Sagmeister’s The Happy Show at Design Exchange Toronto then you can catch some of the highlights on the show’s tumblr blog or on MIXED BAG MAG’s post on The Happy Show.

The exhibit is interactive and every few steps you come across an exercise, a video clip and some candy (yes, candy!). One of the exercises was to take a Sharpie pen and draw the symbol of your happiness on a sunny yellow sheet of paper.

This week on MIXED BAG MAG’s own tumblr blog we are sharing what people drew as their symbol of happiness.


screen capture of tumblr blog with bright yellow background also image a yellow piece of paper with black writing reading happiness is a box waiting to be open

MIXED BAG MAG ON TUMBLR: See what we have been up to!

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Did you know Mixed Bag Mag is on tumblr?

There is just too much treasure on tumblr to have just one tumblr blog so Mixed Bag Mag has two with more to come (stay tuned for music mashups with a world beat). For now you can find us on www.mixedbagmag.tumblr.com where we share lush visuals of things like public art, architecture, design, and anything that promotes a new way of seeing things. Since the start of February the focus has been on Contemporary Aboriginal Art by artists like Angela Sterritt.

Painting of young girl with NorthWest Coast Aboriginal motifs in background.

Also, you can find Mixed Bag Mag on www.mashupstyle.tumblr.com. This space is all about great style that isn’t defined by one set of rules or determined by location.

On both tumblr blogs we curate content for 21st Century Minds because we believe our audience of change agents and cultural provocateurs recognizes that as we layer and blend our diverse narratives we build bridges that close ideological gaps.

Celebrating New Culture for a New World!

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