CULTURAL HYBRIDITY: Fragmented or Fused?

Do we lose or gain in a world where we ‘cherry pick’ our cultural expressions?

Mixed Bag Mag attended a unique networking event this past Thursday at Tryst Nightclub – BINDAAS: Indian and Israeli Fusion.

Described as an evening where the Jewish and Indian communities could learn about each other’s cultures the club looked like it was filled with a transmigratory crowd that already knew when it is appropriate to say “Mazel Tov!” and that Mehndi isn’t something you eat. In the space was a collection of open minds, worldly and experienced, ready to be entertained by the hottest new hybrid!

So it provoked a question.

In a time and place where many of us use a string of hyphenated descriptors to tie together who we are, what we do and how we worship, is the essential thread getting unrecognizably knotted?

Experiencing the reaction of the crowd to Shye Ben Tzur’s mix of Muslim-Hebrew-Indian-classical-contemporary music the answer is that the 21st Century is about meaningful fusion not fragmented remnants. Something old is not being lost but rather something fresh and new is being gained.

Mixed Bag Mag had a great time at BINDAAS and thanks Size Doesn’t Matter for hosting a distinctive event.

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Photography by Leah Snyderfor Mixed Bag Mag.

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Photography by Leah Snyder for Mixed Bag Mag.