THE FINAL FACE: Artist Fabrice Landry’s Unusual Painting at Artist Project Toronto 2013

Painting of young woman rendered in white and black on wood covered in scrawls and graffiti by teenagersSheylla by Fabrice Landry. Image by Leah Snyder for Mixed Bag Mag. 

Sheylla by artist Fabrice Landry is the final face that Mixed Bag Mag is showcasing for the Faces of Artist Project Toronto series. A textural work, the backdrop for Sheylla was scored by Fabrice when he discovered the discarded wood awaiting the trash at the school he teaches at. Years of scribbles and scrawls etched into the surface by teens in love, in hate, confused, or inspired made one man’s junk this artist treasure as it spoke to real crises and identities of the kids he taught.

The final image of Sheylla, one of his students, was painted onto the board using Liquid Paper but instead of whiting out what lays beneath, her face is translucent allowing all the hidden stories to filter their way through.

Check out more of Fabrice’s work on his website and Artist Project Toronto.

Detail of painting of young girl using Liquid Paper as paint in the white areas and wood marked by scribbles of students as the backdrop
Detail of Sheylla by Fabrice Landry. Image by Leah Snyder for Mixed Bag Mag.