About Mixed Bag Mag

We curate content for 21st Century Minds. Our audience of change agents and cultural provocateurs recognizes that as we share our diverse narratives we build bridges that close ideological gaps.

What you will find at MIXED BAG MAG is a global collective of progressive voices working in the arts, design, and social innovation including the individuals and initiatives around the world who explore, connect and dialogue in virtual spaces with other urban centres that are committed to celebrating diversity of all kinds and building vibrant cities where we all thrive.

As the new millennium begins we are already witnessing how the exploration initiated in the previous century has pushed paradigms, produced solid solutions and transported us to undiscovered places. MIXED BAG MAG uncovers these new spaces because it is here, where the crossroads converge, we find the deepest potential for transformation.


“Along with discussion around the impact that Canada’s diverse immigrant population has had on shaping this Nation the content here is also about critiquing the fragmented narrative Canada has around the other nations living within its politically determined borders – First Nations, Inuit & Métis.  Indigenous cultural provocateurs are playing a key role in compelling Canadians to re-think identity and the national narrative.”

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Man in feather headdress and traditional clothes holds the hand of a woman holding the hand of a little girl during a group dance in a circle
Image of round dance at Planet IndigenUS Festival 2011 at Harbourfront Centre, Toronto. Image by Leah Snyder for Mixed Bag Mag.