Letter from the Editor

I come from radical but dislocated roots that cause me to consider the concepts of homeland, identity, religious freedom & self-determined sovereignty.

Born the year Multiculturalism became official policy in Canada I came of age at a time when this country’s population was shifting becoming more ethnically diverse and urban. This was my landscape – quickly expanding cities and mashup culture.

Eventually I was to experience how underneath the foundation of Canada’s well branded identity there were big cracks. MIXED BAG MAG is my exploration into the possibilities of what a new structure could look like. Featured here are some of the projects and people working at dismantling Canada’s colonial past – the current storytellers that are assembling an inspired mythology based on absolute protection of our peoples and our environment. Also featured are Global Tricksters who tinker with new models and play with paradigm shifts in an effort to move humanity forward.

MIXED BAG MAG is my investigation in to how to best curate culture in virtual spaces when the intention is to build communities around shared values – ultimately such spaces offer us a place where we can morally locate ourselves and be inspired to become agents of change.

Along with discussion around the impact that Canada’s diverse immigrant population has had on shaping this Nation the content here is also about critiquing the fragmented narrative Canada has around the other nations living within its politically determined borders – First Nations, Inuit & Métis. Indigenous Cultural Provocateurs are playing a key role in compelling Canadians to re-think identity and the National Narrative.

Because of this, as well as the additional voices of so many others around the world, in the contemporary context I believe there is potential for deep healing – unprecedented cultural transformation.

I hope what you find here makes you a believer!

Leah Snyder
Editor for Mixed Bag Mag


A magazine designed for the 21st Century MIXED BAG MAG reflects what you find when you arrive at the intersection where multiculturalism, the movement towards interdisciplinary collaboration and social innovation merge and mix to create a New Culture.


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