ISLAND SOUL: Testimonials about Haiti @ Harbourfront Centre

Image by Ahmed Sirry for Mixed Bag Mag.  “One of our most popular festivals! Island Soul celebrates the rich artistic traditions, emerging art forms, innovative expressions and vibrant lifestyles of the Caribbean” It’s time for Carnival again in Toronto. The Caribana … Continue reading

CONTACT CONTINUED: Complete List of the Ongoing Exhibitions

Photography by Ahmed Sirry for Mixed Bag Mag. TORONTO’S ANNUAL PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL Missed it? Oops! Well good news is you can still catch a few more exhibits running past the May 31 end date. Here’s Mixed Bag Mag’s comprehensive list … Continue reading

THE ORIGINAL TRICKSTA!: Scotiabank Buskerfest in Toronto

Lighting a fire under our collective keisters! Why Buskerfest? Because all cultures have a history of trickster characters who offer social commentary via entertainment! Traditionally buskers are transmigratory, crossing borders mixing into weird and wonderful clusters that gather around at … Continue reading

MIXED BAG MAG ON THE STREET: Breaking down barriers by making new friends

Over our lasts few posts MIXED BAG MAG has been getting into the thick of it. We allowed ourselves to get fully absorbed into the beautiful chaos of the crowd at the Festival of India and Caribana. What we have … Continue reading

MIXED BAG MAG ON THE STREET: Hitting the pavement at Caribana

As if we didn’t see enough colour at Toronto’s Festival of India, when we arrived at this year’s Caribana Parade it looked like a bag of skittles had scattered out onto Lakeshore. Mango yellows, deep maroons and fiery reds cooled … Continue reading

BRAZILFEST: Rain & Shine

None of us believed that the shadow of clouds was going to dampen the day. With more than enough thunderous banging of the drums by Toronto’s Maracatu Baque Bamba we were distracted from the fact that a storm was indeed … Continue reading

FESTIVAL OF INDIA PT 2: Food for The Soul

In its 40th year in the City of Toronto, the Festival of India “stems from thousands of years of tradition and heritage…and echoes an annual procession that has occurred for centuries in the ancient city of Puri, India.” (Sited from … Continue reading

FESTIVAL OF INDIA PART 1: Feast for The Eyes

Everywhere we looked our eyes landed on the most stunning of scenes. The air seemed to shimmer from the vibrancy of so many juicy colours. This was our first Festival of India Parade and it did not disappoint. We were … Continue reading