MIXED BAG MAG ON THE STREET: Breaking down barriers by making new friends

Celebrating at Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival, Caribana 2012. Woman holding I LOVED JAMAICA flag

Over our lasts few posts MIXED BAG MAG has been getting into the thick of it. We allowed ourselves to get fully absorbed into the beautiful chaos of the crowd at the Festival of India and Caribana.

What we have love about parades is that they give us the opportunity to get up close and personal. As we walked along with the parade goers we became part of the collective experience. And when that experience is a celebratory one then we all have the opportunity to find ourselves enjoying the company of strangers who start to feel more like friends.

Along with the thanking all the many staff and volunteers at Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Festival (Caribana) who created a most stunning event MIXED BAG MAG would also like to thank Toronto Police who helped make this year’s carnival a success!

Collection of souvenirs for sale.
Older woman selling souvenirs for Caribana.
Little boy with dreads wearing I LOVE JAMAICA shirt standing with his mom.
Three little girls with the flag of Guyana.
Dancers waving a flag.
Young woman waving the flag of Grenada
Two dancers walking by.
Group of guys wearing I LOVE TO shirts.
Two young women wearing I LOVE TO shirts.
Two men dressed up in costume and dancing.
Cute toddler smiling and being held by her older sister.
Two pretty girls in green costumes.
Good-looking male dancer participating in the parade.
Image of cute young man on float and two pretty dancers.
Adorable little girl wearing the feather headdress.
Good looking man stopping to smile for the camera.
A woman playing the steel pans.
Young guys dancing to the music on the floats.

Another woman playing the steel pans.
Young boy being doused in water to keep cool.
Beautiful woman standing in full costume in front of the entrance to the CNE.
Man dressed up for his float beside a woman dressed up for her float. Lots of colour.
Woman all in green attached to her large float.
Beautiful woman in white bikini striking a pose at the end of the parade.
Photography by Leah Snyder & Ahmed Sirry for Mixed Bag Mag.